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Together to the Victory!

Since the moment the russian federation treacherously attacked Ukraine the life of million of people has changed. The country and its western partners united their forces for the struggle against russian aggressor. Many activities carried out at peace time were suspended but many of them were adapted to the needs of the war conditions.

This war has greatly impacted the EU ERASMUS + project "Increasing the capacity of universities to initiate and participate in the development of cluster development on the principles of innovation and sustainability" (UniClaD), as one third of its consortium consists of the partners from Ukraine.

But our partners are trying to work, despite the difficult conditions.

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In the framework of the project, Poltava State Agrarian University, which is a member of the consortium, obtained the mini-line for processing 120 liters of milk. It is destined to do research in the field of milk processing, to create new varieties of local cheeses and to provide practical and innovative training to students.

But since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Poltava region has become one of many centers of volunteer movement and the provision of humanitarian aid to the most affected regions and temporarily displaced persons, especially from Kharkiv and Sumy regions. Everyday humanitarian aid is sent and displaced people find temporary shelter in dormitories, schools, private homes in Poltava.

Poltava state agrarian university actively participates in these activities providing food to displaced people, including dairy products. During last weeks, the equipment purchased under the UniClaD project was used by the project team for processing more than one ton of milk, which was supplied free of charge by the farms in Poltava region. The University specialists made almost 120 kg of soft cheese and 180 liters of yogurt, which were donated to the university canteen for refugees.

It is planned to continue to produce dairy products to meet the nutritional needs of people who have left their homes and need our help.


We are pleased to know that UniClaD project contributes to the safeguard of people and to the victory of Ukraine. We sincerely hope that after the war, the project team will come back to its usual activities, we will continue to realize our purposes and plans within the project!

Glory to Ukraine! Слава Україні!