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WP 1 Preparation

- Three introductory workshops in Kyiv, Chisinau and Baku with the aim to present the EU concept of clusters;

- Consultations, round tables organized by every UA, MD, AZ universities together with enterprises, research institutions;

- Development and editing of the “road map” for creating the expertise centers at universities.


WP 2 Development

- Workshops, study tours aimed to learning of EU experience in the development of clusters and the participation of HEIs in this activity;

- Development of the legal base defining rules, modalities for universities functioning within clusters in compliance with the national legislation; development of economic bases for clusters functioning;

- Creation of expertise centers at universities as preconditions for the creation of eight clusters around the following areas: water management and aquaculture, new technologies (IT) in agriculture, agro-tourist cluster, milk production and processing with the focus on traditional local products, expertise biotechnologies in poultry farming); 

- Elaboration and launching of  new courses for master and PhD students in line with the project aims (statistics, project development, econometrics, modules aimed to up-to-date challenges: climate changes, COP 21 commitment, food security, fight against poverty) as added value to the projects

- Elaboration of pedagogical support for the elaborated training courses: guides, manuals, films, e-learning courses

- Launching pilot projects on the base of the created expertise center according to their specific and on the sustainability principles; development of master works and PhD thesis in line with the pilot projects;

-  Students mobility (study visits, common work on master and PhD theses).

WP 3 Quality plan

- Development of the strategy for the quality assurance of the project activities and implementation;

- Activities for the general monitoring and evaluation of the project; 

- Creation of the tools for the evaluation activities of the partners.

WP 4 Dissemination and exploitation

- Development of the dissemination strategy from the very start aimed at reaching significant target groups. The Target groups of the dissemination are: UA, MD and AZ universities and colleges students; UA, MD, AZ and EU academic staff; other HEI’s not directly involved in the project who could benefit from the outcome of the project; UA, MD, AZ partner enterprises staff, University administrators, other enterprises located in the territory not directly involved into the project, local authorities and policy makers at national level; 

- Closing conference in Kyiv will be devoted to present the project results to all stakeholders;  

- Creation of the Project website, publishing and promoting external publications and promotional material (Newsletters, flyers, brochures) and proposal of a post-project dissemination strategy; 

- Information and promotion campaign among stakeholder aimed to enhancing the links between universities, enterprises, encouraging them to work on common project on the win-win base.

WP 5 Management

- Definition and distribution of roles and activities; administration, setting up and coordination of meetings in collaboration with the host countries; 

- Financial management and reporting;

- Steering committee meetings every six months, video-conferences, work meetings and permanent communication within the consortium.

Work packages