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15 May 2020

Steering committee meeting

33 experts from 9 countries and 24 partner institutions participated in the meeting.

The participants were greeted by the dean of the technology faculty of KaunoKolegija / University of Applied Sciences, Giedrius Gecevicius, he presented the agenda of the meeting.

Main questions of the meeting: Partnership Agreement, budget, activity plan and next steps, possible  extension of the project deadline. 

Decisions taken at the meeting: 

- considering the current worldwide pandemic and quarantine, it was suggested to ask the Erasmus plus office for the extension of the project deadline at least for six months.

- after the meeting the on-line questionnaire will be initiated and as soon as all the partners will confirm their approve to the changes, the Partnership Agreement will be started to sign. For the start, scanned copies of the signed Agreement will be enough to present.

- on-line meetings among leaders of the work packages will be organized, there the responsibilities of each leader of the work package will be decided. On the request on-line meetings with partners from separate institutions or countries will be organized.

This meeting gave the possibility for partners to get more detailed information on the budget and activities of the project, also to clear out issues regarding the Partnership Agreement and to discuss various problems regarding the implementation of the project. 

The next on line meeting will be devoted to clusters.

Steering committee meeting