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Expertise Center "IT Technologies in Agriculture”


Expertise Center "IT Technologies in Agriculture”

Central Ukrainian National Technical University, Ukraine /CUNTU/ 
Institute of Steppe Agriculture of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences, Ukraine /ISA NAAS/

EU expert institution:
Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, Department of Informatics; Department of Industrial Engineering and Robotics, Lituania /

Pilot project under implementation:

Optimization of technology elements for growing the spring barley seeds in the Steppe of Ukraine
Project Objectives:
Development of innovative technologies for growing barley seeds in conditions of unstable moisture.

- Creation and distribution of new varieties, considering climate change; 
- Development of scientific recommendations for growing barley seed material;
 - Increasing the number of seed producers in the region; 
- Cooperation with local governments to support barley seed producers. They will include topics aimed to up-to-date challenges: sustainable development, climate changes and food security.

Head: Larysa Salo, contact: