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The Interdisciplinary Center of Expertise of Agricultural Innovations and Enterpreneurship

The Interdisciplinary Center of Expertise of Agricultural Innovations and Enterpreneurship was created at the base of Bila Tserkva State Agrarian University according to the Order of Rector on creation of the EC and Order of Rector on working group of the EC.
The website for EC 
As part of its activities, the Centre signed 7 cooperation agreements with companies: „Treti-Trans-Group” Ltd, Private entrepreneur Barabash L.V., Farmer enterprise „Tomylivske”, „Voyage Standard” Ltd., „Voyage Standard” Ltd., Private entrepreneur O.P. Orekhovski , Farmer enterprise „SIMA-Agro”.
The equipment for EC was purchased and used for EC activity and PP realisation. 
Now the Center is equipped by 16 PCs, multimedia, printer etc. The facilities of the faculty of economics are available for the use of the EC as well.
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Among the Information campaing there are the next activities:

On May 27 2021 there was a working meeting of representatives of Bila Tserkva national agrarian university and Methodic-technological center of aquaculture with the stakeholders of the UniClaD project, the title of the meeting was “About stakeholders cooperation in aquaculture development in Ukraine”

An article was published in university newspaper about the training of teachers:
The team of the EC was invited to the focus-group of Bila Tserkva city community working on the development strategy agriculture. The focus-group includes members of the city council, Agency of city strategic development, BTNAU (scientists from the EC and agribusinesses. The main task of the focus-group is provision of permanent communication between the community stakeholders, ideas exchange, solving the organizational and technical problems of elaboration of the agriculture development strategy in the Bila Tserkva city community. 

The video of the focus-group meeting (10.05.2023) can be found at:
In the project framework, a scientific seminar was organized “Discussion of the teachers training provided by the UniClaD project, and possibilities to use the training results in practice”. The seminar was held on June 28 2023. Young researchers, representatives from agribusinesses and local communities took part in the seminar.
The signing of an agreement with the company “Agroanalityka” for permission to use the company’s software on accountancy and business planning can be considered an advisory activity. The agreement allows to use the software by the small agribusinesses in the region. A training for the agribusinesses will be provided by the EC on how to use the software.
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Among the activities are:

15.11.2023, a seminar „Development and popularization of aquaculture in Ukraine basing on the best national and international educational practices” for the students of speciality „Water bioresources and aquaculture” organized by the Public Entity „Methodological and technological center of aquaculture” and BTNAU.
The lectures presented:
1. Modern technologies and possibilities of the Public Entity „Methodological and technological center of aquaculture” in support of fishery development. Director of Public Entity „Methodological and technological center of aquaculture” I. Sharylo.
2. Modern trends in development of European aquaculture. First deputy director of Public Entity „Methodological and technological center of aquaculture” M. Fedorenko.
14.11.2023, online seminar „Perspectives of feed for fish production”, organized by Ministry of Agrarian policy and food of Ukraine, State fishery agency, Public Entity „Methodological and technological center of aquaculture”, businesses, BTNAU, scientific and public communities. The problems of feed production were discussed, including experience of Turkey and EU.
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The Expert Centre held a number of workshops companies+university:

1. 02.03.2021, an open lecture for Master students speciality 051 «Economics» was held by director of „Skvyra bread plant” Ltd. V. Zhupanyk.
2. 17.09.2021, guest lecturer director of „Skvyra bread plant” Ltd. V. Zhupanyk presented his lecture for the students of speciality «Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities».
3. 20.10.2023, meeting with director of Bila Tserkva joint stock company “SG “TAS” A. Stepchuk in the lecture “Insurance market of Ukraine”.
4. June 2022, the teaching staff of department of ichthyology and zoology of BTNAU, according to the agreement with Bila Tserkva experimental hydrobiological station, have elaborated initiative research topic (public registration N 0121U114336). The results of the research will be used in the education of students speciality „Water bioresources and aquaculture”.
5. June 2022, the students of speciality „Water bioresources and aquaculture” assisted in the stimulation of pubescence of phytophagous male fishes (silver carp, grass carp) with the following artificial insemination and installation of the fertilized spawn into incubators.
6. September 2023, the teachers of aquaculture and applied hydrobiology of the ecological faculty have conducted several lessons on „Aquaculture of artificial water basins” and „Intensive technologies in fishery” for the students speciality 207 „Water bioresources and aquaculture” on production site – at the Hydrobiological station of the Institute of hydrobiology of National Acadamy of Sciences of Ukraine with participation of director of the station O. Vodianitski, who is member of the council of employers of BTNAU.
7. 07.11.2023, a practical training of the second and third year students speciality „Water bioresources and aquaculture” took place at the “Skvyraplemrybgosp” Ltd. together with teachers of ichthyology and zoology, aquaculture and applied hydrobiology of BTNAU. The head of the company L. Geiko shared his experience in company management, fishery, modern possibilities and perspectives of the fishery, e.g. use of nanotechnology products in modern aquaculture.
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Several open days were held by the Centre:

An international scientific and practical conference “Agriculture in conditions of global challenges: strategic priorities and threats” was held on October 6-7 2022 at the BTNAU
On May 5 2021, the BTNAU Open Day was organized
On November 24 2021, the BTNAU faculty of economics organized a career-guidance meeting “Career: dreams and plans”. The meeting was organized by support of Novoukrainska labour exchange of Kirovograd region. Via online platform Google Meet the BTNAU activities were presented together with the activities of the faculty of economics and EC.
On May 4 2022, the BTNAU Open Day was organized
On April 24 2023, the BTNAU Open Day was organized
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Many practical trainings for company staff, study visits, practical placements for PhD/MSc students were organized:

Department of the Public Agency of melioration and fishery in Cherkasy region
Private joint stock company “Bilshivtsi-ryba” village Bilshivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk region
Department of water resources management, Izmail distict, Odesa region
Research and production center „Forel”
State entity “Novokakhovski plant of ordinary fish breeding” village Obryvka, Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region
Private joint stock company “Chernihivrybgosp” Chernihiv region
“Aqua System Organic” Ltd. Vasylkiv, Kyiv region
„Invest i K” Ltd.
„Skvyraplemrybgosp” Ltd.
“Rybachok” Ltd. Village Grytsiv, Khmelnitski region
Budget entity “Methodic-technological center of aquaculture”
“Skvyra bread plant” Ltd. 26.09.2022, practical training in “Introduction to speciality” for Bachelor students of Marketing. Meeting with director V. Zhupanyk.
Bila Tserkva city council. 01.05.2023, open practical training class with deputy city mayor I. Savchuk.
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The practical training were organized together with comanies:

“Zemlia Tomylivska” Ltd. Village Tomylivka, Kyiv region, „Agrofirma Kolos” Ltd. Village Pustovarivka, Kyiv region, “Voyage Standard” Ltd. Village Shkarivka, Kyiv regionFarm „Tomylivske”, village Tomylivka, Kyiv region.

Pilot Project 
Name: Use of the nanotechnology products in modern aquaculture;
Staff involed in PP: N. Prysiazhniuk, Ass. Professor, manager of the PP, O. Oleshko, Ass. Professor, executive, L. Geiko, Ass. Professor, executive;
Company involvement in PP: „Skvyraplemrybgosp” Ltd., Kyiv region
For the year 2024 the following theses are planned:
-Decrease of oxidative stress of Ukrainian carp species when using nano-selenium with probiotic. Master thesis of A. Peresada.
-Obtaining the young carp fishes of bigger weight by using the nanotechnological products at “Skvyraplemrybgosp” Ltd. Master thesis of O. Prokhorov.
-Optimization of the feeding rations of carps by using organic mineral compounds (nano-particles) at “Skvyraplemrybgosp” Ltd. Bachelor thesis of B. Oleshko.
-Evaluation of fishery and biological indexes of Ukrainian carp species at the end vegetation season in the ponds of “Skvyraplemrybgosp” Ltd. Bachelor thesis of E. Smotrytel.

Results of the PP:
On the basis of the obtained results the recommendations for the production of high-weight carp fish will be developed and introduced to the producing companies. The materials of the received results will be published in articles of professional scientific editions and in materials of scientific conferences. An application for a patent for a utility model will be prepared and submitted. The results of the PP will be used for a Master thesis preparation. The methodical recommendations on discipline "Intensive methods in aquaculture" for the module "Nanotechnologies in aquaculture" will include the results of the PP.