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31.01 - 01.02. 2024 Steering Committee Meeting at Poznan University of Life Sciences (Poland)

The meeting started with a welcoming speech of the UniClaD project coordinator Vytaute Giedraitienė.  The Steering Committee Meeting was attended by all members of the consortium.
The first presentation was about the development of the methodology and progress in writing the manual, made by Klaus Wagner (BAAB). The results of the work done on each manual were discussed and the scope of work for the next period was outlined.
Olga Ishchenko from LNAU presented the work of her university on the manual “Eco-recreation and green tourism in national parks”.
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In the second half of the day Vytautė Giedraitienė from KK presented the Project’s Progress and Financial Report. Then, all partners participated in discussion about organization of workshops in MD, AZ. The final dates for these events have been set.
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Together with partners from Austria (UCAEP), was made planning of the Development of the Training Modules. The final theme that was discussed by all partners this day was Student mobility. It was decided to start preparing for student mobility immediately, and to schedule the start of internships for spring and summer, after the second tranche was received.
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The second day began with a discussion of situation of expertise centers and pilot projects (current situation and what input is needed from the partners). Istvan Komlosi, UD, Hungary, Leticia Chico-Santamarta, UVA, Spain, as leaders of this Work Package, they moderated the discussion.
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Ludmyla Stepra from HPHE, Ukraine made the presentation the Quality analysis of expertise centers and pilot projects.
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Noureddin Driouech, CIHEAM Bari, Italy presented the Dissemination issues (study tours reporting). After that, Olga Getya from HPHE, Ukraine presented the Work Plan for Next 6 Months Period.
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The final activity of the SC Meeting was discussion  and evaluation of the meeting