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11-12 April 2024 Steering Committee Meeting at the Technical University of Moldova (Chisinau)


The TUM(Chisinau) hosted  the Steering Committee Meeting of ERASMUS+ project UniClaD, where it was discussed the results of the previous work of the consortium and planned the work for the next period.
The meeting was opened by Vice-Rector for Finance and International Relations Daniela Pojar, who underlined the importance of the project for both the university and the Republic of Moldova as a whole and wished the project a successful implementation.
After that, the project coordinator Vytaute Giedraitiene gave an overview of the project and assessed the status of its implementation, as the official termination of the project is already at the end of November 2024. 

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It was very important to discuss the creation of the three manuals that are part of the project. Klaus Wagner and Liudmyla Stepura reported on the current situation on this issue.
Equally important was the discussion of student mobility, which is scheduled for spring-summer 2024. Stephanie Mairhofer made a presentation on this topic. The details and possibilities of student mobility were also discussed with representatives of the universities of Ukraine, Moldova, and Azerbaijan.

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Istvan Komlosi and Leticia Chico-Santamarta told partners about situation of expertise centres and pilot projects (analysis of the current situation and the work carried out according to the remarks done at the SC meeting in Poznan). 
The dissemination issues were presented by Noureddin Driouech (Newsletters, external project publications, update website/portal). 

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One of the important and interesting moments of the meeting was a visit to the Expertise Centre of TUM. The project partners got acquainted with the Expertise Centre established within the framework of the project and had the opportunity to see the equipment purchased with project funds and used in the work of the Centre. The Expertise Centre was represented by partners from TUM Elena Skripnic and Larisa Caisin.

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Thus, the UniClaD project Steering Committee meeting was fruitful and interesting. The partners were presented with a report on the activities carried out over the past period and the main areas of work for the rest of the project were outlined.
The meeting in Moldova was particularly important as there is  not much time left before the end of the project and it was necessary to identify activities for the successful completion of the project.