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Expertise Center "Milk Local Product"


Expertise Center "Milk Local Product"

Poltava state agrarian university, Ukraine /PSAU/
Farm enterprise “Dobro-Kraft” /FE DOBRO-KRAFT/

EU expert institution:
University of Debrecen, Institute of Food Technology, Hungary /UD/

Pilot project under implementation:

Improvement of the technology of soft pickled cheeses from goat milk with increased biological value
Project Objectives:
Improve technology and expand the range of soft pickled cheeses by increasing their biological value.

- Conducting an analysis of existing world research in the selected topic;
- Selection of research methods;
- Research of the raw milk quality and animal feeding rations;
- Determination of ways to increase the biological value of the product (addition certain components into the product composition, adjusting paratypical factors, etc.);
- Formulation development and its testing;
- Research of a finished product quality (physicochemical analysis, microbiological researches, oganoleptic assessment, establishment of a product safety);
- Publication of the research results. 8. Obtaining protection documents.

Head: Oksana Kravchenko, contact: