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Ichthyo-pathological researches


Center for Expertise of Agrarian Innovations and Entrepreneurship and the Laboratory of complex ichthyo-pathological researches

Bila Tserkva national agrarian university, Ukraine /BNAU/

EU expert institution:
University of Debrecen, Institute of Animal Science, Biotechnology and Biodiversity, Hungary /UD/

Pilot project under implementation:

Hydro-ecological monitoring of water eco-systems and fish ponds on hydro-chemical indices

Project Objectives:  Study of the hydro-ecological condition of fish ponds, which will allow farmers to make rational decisions to improve it (calculation, stocking, technological load). Establishment of systematic monitoring of the development of parasitofauna of fishponds of different capacity will allow fish farms to reduce fish waste through the prompt application of preventive and curative measures.

- Conducting seasonal research (spring, summer, autumn). In winter, only oxygen measurements in the water;
- Selection of different age and species groups of fish for research; 
- Study of water hydrochemistry on 7 indicators;
- Determination of hydrochemical parameters of water by the method of O. Alekhine and tiopathological studies of fish - according to the method of K. Secretaryuk.

Head: Oksana Tkachenko, contact: